After spending 20 plus years, eight hours a day, and acquiring thousands of dollars of debt from schooling, there’s one thing that nearly all academic institutions simply miss to teach you…how to become your own boss! Imagine learning business strategies and actually creating and launching your own business, all while in high school. Well, E3 Academy does just that. After losing his mother just last year to dementia and schizophrenia, Keith McMillian, curator of KLM Consulting Corps Inc., the KD Mack Foundation, and an entrepreneurship guru, has vowed to dedicate his life to his second love…youth entrepreneurship. With his E3 Academy program, McMillian has, single handedly, changed the future of our youth in one of the most profound ways; ENGAGEMENT, EMPOWERMENT and ENTREPRENEURSHIP (E3).

Based in Jackson, Miss., the 10 week academy meets once a week, Engagement Empowerment Entrepreneurship (E3) and provides direction through a comprehensive business development training curriculum designed for both, youth (grades 8th – 12th) and adults. The E3 Academy gives participants the opportunity to learn how to start and operate their own businesses. This academy helps participants develop business ideas, learn basic business vocabulary, write business plans, discuss and practice marketing, pitch their business ideas to local leaders and investors, and learn ethical business practices needed to effectively engage their customers and communities.

We know what you’re thinking. Where was this program when you were in high school? We know, but that is exactly why we need you to head over to USA Today Network and vote for E3 Academy for this year’s A Community Thrives business. A Community Thrives enables community members to act on ideas that improve people, organizations, government, and businesses around them by equipping them with the resources they need to thrive.

The national voting period began on April 12th and runs until May 12th. The top 10 voted submissions in each category will be reviewed by a panel of judges. The panel will determine the top three applicants in each category who will be awarded grants of either $50,000 or $100,000 each.

Camp, E3 Academy needs your help! You can vote every day until the voting period is over. With only two more days left, let’s round up these last minute votes. You can cast your votes by clicking the link below: 

Keith McMillian, you’re officially #Fluent !Be sure to follow to follow E3 Academy on all their social media platforms and support a great cause!

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