In every field of human endeavor there is always a leader of the pack and when it comes to men’s fashion, Kris Shelby is definitely a top contender of the game. From having a passion for fashion as a little kid who was attracted to different colors and secular clothes to becoming a full time celebrity personal stylist; Shelby has turned his lifelong interest into a full blown dream career.


Based in Atlanta, Ga., Shelby is credited for styling artists like Young Jeezy, Gucci Mane, Young Joc, and numerous NBA players. Enhancing the personal styles of others comes natural to this young fashion God.



Recently, in an interview with Modern Luxury Men’s Book Atlanta, Shelby had this to say about men’s personal styling, I think the key to style is confidence. You can’t be afraid to be different or take chances. A lot of guys are afraid to try new things, but taking chances can help you tap into a different element of yourself you didn’t know existed. Don’t be afraid; try it. The fashionisto looks at his personal style as an opportunity to create and express different characters within himself.

Some people are born with it, or maybe it’s Maybelline; but, of course, there had to be some type of inspiration or fashion idol that this budding stylist looks up to. We like to think Shelby was just born with an eye for fashion, but he credits the style of people like Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, and Lenny Kravitz as people he looks up to in the fashion world. Fluent in ALL things fashion, Kris Shelby continues to add his mark on the fashion world, one outfit at a time. So if you ever need any tips or personal styling needs, be sure to book our fashion trendsetter. He is…Kris Shelby.

As our fashion trendsetter, we are sure Kris Shelby will continue to dominate the fashion world and we expect great things from him in 2017.

Kris Shelby, you’re officially #Fluent!

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