After searching to find herself in her 2014 EP Lost Soul; music artist, Youtuber and actress, B. Simone is quickly growing to be one of our favorite artist of 2017. We first fell in love with her during BET’s “The Search” and since then she’s done nothing but heighten her career through music, social media, and her Trap Queen persona. “What are the odds?” On a lighter note, she’s insanely in love with Drake.

You know what they say about preacher’s kids… they’re covered. After growing up in Dallas, the talented B. Simone leaped out on faith and moved to Atlanta to further her career in the entertainment industry. Since her move, she’s played Sasha in the movie, #DigitalLivesMatter, which involved other celebrities like D.C. Young Fly and Stevie J. She’s gone viral on social media for her hilarious videos, although in her most know social media video the actress breaks down in tears in response to a “f**k boy” messing up her perfect life. (VIDEO)

Fluent in ALL things entertainment, B. Simone is quickly on her way to becoming a familiar face in today’s industry.

Off her upcoming EP, I SWEAR I’M NOT A RAPPER, the Queen of Trap Queens released her new single, “Blueberry Rain,” early in February. Already at over 50k plays on SoundCloud, the new single creates anticipation for the full project. Her sound has evolved from pop singer vibes to vicious lyrics and the singer/rapper verses we all love. Forever, we love Atlanta.


Check our B. Simone’s new single, “Blueberry Rain,” and don’t forget to tell us what you think.

“BLUEBERRY RAIN” <—- Play Here

B. Simone, you are officially #Fluent !

Instagram: @thebsimone2
(Photos From B. Simone’s Instagram)