Don’t call it a comeback, but LeToya Luckett possibly just made the BIGGEST comeback in music history with her new music video, “Back 2 Life!”

Once a member of the world’s most popular music group, achieving more than the amazing group, TLC, the 35-year-old singer reminds us of just how and why she was a member of the dynamic girl group, Destiny’s Child. If you’ve been under a rock, Luckett released her debut solo project after the group entitled, LeToya (2006), which topped the U.S. Billboard charts in July 2006, and by December 2006 the album had gone certified platinum by the RIAA.

After a little break from music, the songstress just released a new eight-minute music project that embodies smooth R&B sounds and upbeat rapper/singer verses that will have you screaming Black Girl Magic and promoting the entire “independent woman” movement.

The new project is a musical movie trailer in which the singer flaunts her amazing acting skills. Battling with the decision to stay or leave a plummeting relationship, Luckett merges music and acting with a full blown scripted movie accompanied by dynamic vocals to take you on a journey of love and betrayal. Not to give too much away, just know she makes the right decision.

New Year, who dis?

LeToya Luckett, that’s who! Walking into new year, the right way, new music can only mean one thing…a new album. If you thought so, you’d be correct! The artist released the track off her forthcoming album titled “Until Then.” With no release date set for the full project, we’re sure “Back 2 Life” will quench your thirst for more.

Check it out for your self below.

LeToya Luckett, you’re #OfficallyFluent!