There has surely been alot of female artists in the game that pay homage to the sexy tomboy styles and musical vibes of the legendary and go to soon, Aaliyah, but no one comes closer to the princess than singer songwriter, Sevyn Streeter.

You may have first seen her career take off from her collaboration with Chris Brown in “I Like It,” but the Aaliyah reincarnation has been writing music for artists for years…and we mean big names like Usher, Chris Brown, Trey Songs, And Kelly Rowland just to name a few. Something else you might not know is that she’s been in, not just one, but two girl groups, TG4 and Rich Girls.

Now, a superstar, Sevyn Streeter has made a name for herself through her insane vocals, crazy sexy cool fashion, and overall package. Her music has transitioned into a RnB contemporary sound putting her in the rinks as the female Bryson Tiller and Tory Lanez. Still very early on in her career, we can guarantee you that the modern day Aaliyah, has alot more in store. She plans to release a song every month leading up to the release of her new album top of 2017, the singer recently stated in an interview. Until then check out a throwback interview with her as she talks Aaliyah comparisons, transitioning from a girl group to a solo career, and so much more!

Be sure to check out her new song, “My Love For You.”