Tired of standing in those long lines for the newest Jordans? Can’t locate that shoe you’ve been trying to find for months? Have no fear, as always, we got you! Visit Official Deadstock, the premier shoe shop in Houston, TX. Official Deadstock is one of the hottest places to stop and cop the newest shoe releases from Air Jordans all the way to Yeezies. Mr. Jones, the owner of the shop, is a native of Missouri City, TX, and putting on for his city is one of his main goals. If you are not familiar with Missouri City, better known as “Mo City,” it’s hometown to artist like Travis Scott located just outside of Houston.

Falling in love with shoes at a young age, this man-and- shoe love situation just keeps on growing. We sat down with Mr. Jones and the millennial at Official Deadstock  in an interview and he dishes out all the info about his shoe addiction, how his business is growing, and so much more. Check it out exclusively right here on TheKrisCampbell.com.

Be sure to visit the shop and cop your next pair of shoes. Thank us later.

Official Deadstock Store Address: 11970 Wilcrest Dr, #104B, Houston, Texas

Phone: (713)-213-3956