After graduating from the mecca, Howard University, Miss Mykie soon became our favorite AKA with her “That Pink that Green” mixtape series. It wasn’t by coincidence that when BET hosted The Search for it’s longest running television show in BET history, 106 & Park, the curly mohawk H-town diva transitioned from our favorite AKA to our favorite television personality. But what happened to the star after the end of 106 & Park? Rehab…that’s what happened. Click the link below to get the inside scoop on Mykie’s new EP entitled, REHAB.

Soon after 106 & Park, the member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., made her way back to her hometown, Houston, TX, where she resumed teaching in Beaumont, TX, her occupation before 106 & Park. Shortly after, the singer went through a divorce that ultimately pushed her over the edge. After battling with alcohol abuse for some time, this influenced the singer to turn her alcohol problem into one of the most anticipated works of art to sprout from the fourth largest in the U.S. Making her way back to her first love…music, Mykie soon made her way back into the studio. It was shortly after that Mykie realized that her struggle with alcohol was more serious than she thought. After finding bottles and more bottles pilled in her purse, the singer decided to get help…so she checked herself into rehab.

Now, stronger and wiser, Miss Mykie just released her latest EP #Rehab along with a full blown service project called #ProjectRehab where she advocates for people all across the world that struggle from alcohol abuse. She actively helps them conquer the quest just as she did, all while given them the platform to share their stories, as well. With this project, Mykie launched her own anti-alcohl clothing line with slogans, such as; “SoberAF” and “Designated Driver” to further promote her much needed movement.

The EP, REHAB, consists of five tracks that take you on an emotional, yet sexy, rollercoaster of love trials, companionship, and ultimately, self-worth. With a sound like no other, you can listen to REHAB on and check out the entire #PROJECTREHAB movemen, as well as,  learn ways you can get involved. Oh yea, Don’t forget to buy your anti-alcohol merch. We all struggle with something. Are you bold and courageous enough to speak about it?

We knew you were a fighter, Mykie, and we’re glad to see you back on board.

Miss Mykie, you’re officially #Fluent ! “Uh, what it is?”

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(Pictures from Miss Mykie’s Instagram)