Native of Jackson, Miss. and alumni of Jackson State University, Lil Wayne’s official tour DJ, is definitely changing the world one scratch at a time. His name… is DJ Tlewis.

From DJ’ing all the events on the campus of Jackson State University and all around Jackson, Miss. to now touring with Lil Wayne, TLewis is the epitome of what it means to get it out the mud. With “success” tattooed on his arm, everyday, he keeps getting better. With many notable alums of Jackson State University, we can only imagine that DJ TLewis networked and perfected his craft in a way that would now put him amongst the greats; but just how much work does it really take to achieve this level of success?

People never really get it! I’ve always been the innovative one. I’m from a place people don’t make it out of. I’m trying to accomplish something that’s so rare and unheard of and I’ve been building this platform since I was 14 years old. Think about what you was doing at 14… probably nothing ur doing now. Respect the fight, Respect the vision, Respect the hustle; Respect My Grind!!“-DJ TLewis

So as you can see, sucess comes with the price of alot of hardwork and years of perfecting your craft. When he’s not DJ’ing for Lil Wayne or booked for shows around the U.S., TLewis can be found in Atlanta, his new home, DJ’ing all around the city at places like Suite Lounge, Medusa, and The Mansion, some of the hottest nightlife venues of ATL.

To come from such a small town to reaching the extreme heights like touring with Lil Wayne, today, we salute the grind of the hardest working DJ in the land. A member of Hoodrich Ent. and the Core DJ coalition, I am sure we can expect even greater things from this quickly rising DJ in the near future. Until then, here are the official tour dates so you can witness greatest for yourself.

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DJ T Lewis, you’re officially #Fluent !

Instagram: @DJTLEWIS

(Photos from T Lewis Instagram)