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Who is “Jay” Hendrix?

A young Black male interested in being great. A hard working business, family, and Renaissance man who is looking to ensure his family is setup for the long run. I am very goal-oriented and I love to accomplish goals that most say I’m not able to.

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The Shoe Clinic: Meet Alvin Miller

Who are you?

My name is Alvin Miller; I am a small town guy from Anniston, Alabama. I come from a family of four where I am the only boy, and I grew up in a single-parent home. My whole life I dibbled and dabbled in the entrepreneurial realm. I can remember cutting grass, selling pecans, and even having a mobile detail business during my high school years. I graduated high school in 2007; after that, I obtained a psychology degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

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In every field of human endeavor there is always a leader of the pack and when it comes to men’s fashion, Kris Shelby is definitely a top contender of the game. From having a passion for fashion as a little kid who was attracted to different colors and secular clothes to becoming a full time celebrity personal stylist; Shelby has turned his lifelong interest into a full blown dream career.

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INTERVIEW: Official Deadstock Owner Talks Shoe Addiction, Putting On For Mo City, & 10-Year-Plan

Tired of standing in those long lines for the newest Jordans? Can’t locate that shoe you’ve been trying to find for months? Have no fear, as always, we got you! Visit Official Deadstock, the premier shoe shop in Houston, TX.

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