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We all know the past few years have been pretty rough for the black male. Numerous police killings, years of systematic oppression and the controversy over male emasculation have all distracted us from who we truly are. We think it’s safe to say that it’s time for a change. But as the history of all positive change shows, it all starts with the root…ourselves. Instead of bowing down to the horrible perception that society has placed on your strong, hardworking and intelligent shoulders, let’s rewrite the story of who the black man is. Don’t worry, we’ve got the keys. Check out these five tips to do so in 2017..


            Never forget… it’s lit! And so are you! Remember to let your light shine bright. Eat, breathe, and sleep excellence. No matter what, sell yourselves for the better good of the black male demographic. Let the world know that you, too, are educated. You, too, have acquired trades that will carry you through life and create the most beautiful and efficient world possible because you possess the power to do so. Lastly, let those skills bleed through. No matter what your background may be, don’t hide from it. Live in your truth, learn from your mistakes, but nonetheless, hold your head up high to the sky and make America great again. If it ever was. As great as it should have been when YOU built it with your bare hands and minimal tools. Let the world know not only are you a KING but because of your educational background, learning of trades, and the many other skills you possess, you are a gift from God to cultivate this cruel world. Acknowledge it and be proud of it. Flaunt it!


Okay, okay, enough’s enough. Pull your britches up! In today’s society, the people are just not going for it. We have to play the game. You already have the skill and the education…now look the part. Our impeccable style and versatile melanin looks good with different colors and just like the seasons change, your style should change to. Fashion is all about code switching. That nice button down and blazer is perfect for the office, luncheons, parties, etc. Keep that! Make sure your casual wear is no further than a size away from your true size. Truth be told, TRY YOUR CLOTHES ON AND MAKE SURE THEY FIT CORRECTLY. We’re all grown here and we know right from wrong. Plus, we all know granny isn’t going for the oversized clothes or sagging. So like Bryson Tiller said…’Don’t!” Keep up on fashion trends and make sure to stay in the know. Looking good has become a very serious personal branding tool for today’s society. In the words of Mathew Knowles, “the world loves pretty people.”  The world even loves not so pretty people but everyone loves a person with a great sense of fashion. Learn to up your style. It’ll open doors for you before people know what’s really within you.


I’ll just be honest, the flesh is weak sometimes. This year, let’s practice discipline. Every King needs a Queen. Not two or three, but one that will hold his Clyde down by being the Bonnie of his dreams. The bible says that when a man finds a woman, he finds a good thing. In 2017, let’s stop hurting those good things and treat her as the Queen she truly is. Women of color, specifically, shared the darkest times of history with us and she deserves to be treated nothing less than the royal being she is. Matter of fact, let’s give this year a nickname, #TreatHerRight2017. The stigma of how the black man treats his woman has been negatively depicted through television, music videos, pictures, etc. for far too long and it’s time to change it. However, may we add, know your worth. You, too, are allowed to have standards and demand the equivalent out of the Queen you choose. Find a “woke” female that understands your goals and dreams and that they may take a little longer to manifest. Sometimes, things are just out of our control. If you find a Queen to compliment your King, stick with her and build an empire. Besides, “honestly, truly”…we’re all we’ve got.


“Nobody told meeee, that the roaddd would be easyyy and I don’t believeeee, he brought me this far, to leave me!” Mary Mary said it best! No. He didn’t. Brush up on your history. You, my black brother, have come from a cruel background and just as dark of a present time, but look at what all you’ve achieved! You’ve become some of the world’s best doctors, lawyers, artists, athletes, fathers, and it all happened because YOU made it happen. This world never gave you anything. In fact, it’s only tried to keep you shackled, but you, black brother, have overcame it all. Know this! This is your truth and this alone should let you know that you can achieve any and everything you set your mind out to. This year, put you first. Make 2017 about you and your brother. Make this year about rewriting the story that was written for us.


Finally, one can attest to the fact that when in the midst of adversity, there is always one being that you can turn to…God! Stop living everyday as of there aren’t any consequences for our actions. Stop living as if there is no such thing as a higher being. Whether you believe in God, Buddha, or Allah, knowing that there is a source of divine power that watches over our lives will create a sense of inner purpose within one’s self to ensure that one is living right. This idea will put a sense of fear creating a tribe of God-fearing men ready to take on the cruel world that we live in. With this and the last four tips in mind, you’ll be almost ready to conquer the world. Remember to walk in your truth and flaunt all the power that you possess, KING. Tap into that next level of energy and take back your throne. Divided we are weak, but combined we are almighty. Believe you can do it. Be Better. Be Stronger. Be Wiser. Be Smarter. Welcome to your year, KING. The year 2017! You got this, and as always, we’ve got you.








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  1. Dr. Epps-Dixon

    Wow!! Love it and shared it! Can I get your autograph please!! I see greatness in you, and my husband and I have prayed and spoken life, prosperity (both physical and spiritual), love, and favor to you. I decree that your name will magnify God and be known among notables. Continue to “believe as Abram, walk in your Moses boldness, contain Solomon’s wisdom, lay in David’s favor, sleep a Joshua dream, remain relentless as Paul, and servant-lead like Jesus.”

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